Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tuesday, June 01, 2010 10:40 PM

I’m feeling pretty good right now. We just got done with our first tech run of the aqua show, Oasis of Dreams. It went extremely well. This week has been kind of patchy, as far as rehearsal goes. First, the sound for the Aqua Theater went completely out so the original cast hasn’t been performing the show (forcing them to reschedule shows on the final days of their contracts when originally they would have had 4 days off before leaving) and our rehearsals have been really botched. Then, the “Foy” system went completely out as well. Foy is the name of the company that provides both the Aqua Theater and the Opal Theater with their flying apparatus. And a big chunk of the Aqua Show is flying sequences. So this week was a little weird to say the least. That being said, both systems were restored just today and we were able to run the show. We’re still learning some final sequences that will be plugged in tomorrow, but the show is probably 90% done. Good feeling! This show has been especially fun for me because I’m getting into my daring side. I never really did anything outlandish or crazy while tumbling like other, more wild, athletes. So it’s nice to push myself and do some stuff that might be considered reckless. Of course, my analytical side gets in the way of my wild side because I instantly think of the worse possible scenario with these skills (ClaireJ), and those scenarios are pretty awful. As in, there’s the potential for a broken neck, or face, or any bone, at any time, with some of these moves and dismounts. But I’m having a great time! Haha
So as of now we open on Saturday, and I don’t think that will be difficult. We’re pretty prepared. The show is very sequential and we’ve entered the final stage of putting the last puzzle pieces together. On a slightly different note, the divers and synchronized swimmers are pretty amazing. The acro cast (including myself of course) has really clicked with them and it’s looking like this contract may be bearable after all. Nevertheless, I still miss Tulsa and all of you tremendously, and I’ve been expressing it with the acquisition of two new, awesome, Tulsa tees courtesy of the love of my life, Todd. Thanks babe. All in all, things are good. The ocean still makes me antsy for dry land, but I’m finally getting those feelings to a tolerable level. Love from the Oasis.

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